(above) Original template design in order to create a consistent message accross all social media outlets including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 
(above) All images from the entire Stamp Out Hunger countdown campaign
Social Media Campaign | Results & Statistics 
[more stats to come, based on calculations of total outreach from Facebook media insights, as well as total outreach based on friends of friends since likes and shares will take role in how broad this campaign really was without the use of paid advertising]
The campaign turned out to be a fantastic success, and what started from a simple idea turned out huge share and like numbers. 

People really got involved, commented, asked questions, and the team at Stamp Out Hunger delivered outstanding response times and communication with those who were both regular donators, and those new to the scene. Half of the time there were regular contributors chiming in on behalf of our team and they were able to take care of half of the work for us which was excellent to see from the community. We are going to do some serious number crunching in the coming weeks but we expect that this campaign reached upwards to 4.5 million people at least.
First image of the countdown:
The first image of the countdown exposed how great this campaign could really be. With such a big hit on the first day, we knew we had to be ready and on point to post daily and frequently with witty and informative captions to keep the interest high and the interaction consistent.
Most shares:
Image with the most shares from the campaign seemingly just an innocent image of bags. The closer the countdown reached 1 day remaining, the more the interaction kicked in. There were some stale spots between day remaining 20-10 but the wave's kicked in when it mattered the most, naturally at the start and towards the end.
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