Mike's HARDER - Dragon Snaggin'

Contest submission for the Zoopa campaign partnered with Mikes HARDER - part the Mikes Lemonade brand. Voting begins July 17th, please support my submission if you believe it is a winning design! Thank you so much - Link to overall contest is right here: http://zooppa.com/en-us/ads/design-the-next-can-part-2/prints My print for vote link will be posted when available! - Thanks Alex Dogum

With over 250+ submissions, your votes really do make a difference in getting my work noticed!
I've got two versions submitted, I personally favor the one right below with the additional text and DragonFruit in the backdrop. Please vote for both if possible and tweet this to your networks!
Mikes HARDER twitter: @HARDER
Mikes Hard Lemonade twitter: @mhl
Progress screen captures of my artwork for Mikes HARDER
To vote, the links are at the top of this project! Search DogumDesign on Zooppa
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